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Tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse

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RossignolMort said...
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Dead Island

Dead Island (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 06/SEP/11
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That game was soo satisfying for a Zombie game. Did you ever get "The hand of Glova." ?
I didnt get to finish the game sadly. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to scary games and my friend isn't around often enough to play with me.
This game for me made it easy to enjoy and miss survival horror games. When they were as hard and intense as they used to be, not like RE5 got. They least are working on make the RE series better, like in RE revelations and RE6! But you barely get that thrill. And I like how in Dead island forces that to be heavily implanted in the game. Granted the story sucked, characters were blah, and I hate that feminist bitch... (Wish she died...) the game pulled in a great zombie game. Not a downside beyond their goal! And I'm gonna enjoy the newest Dead island when I can get it!
Oh I liked the game well enough, I thought it was very good. But I personally cannot stomach horror games in general for very long, I get too shaky and have to stop. The only other horror games I've really enjoyed are Fatal Frame and Condemned, if you consider Condemned horror. I think it's more suspense, but it did give me a lot of scares when things jumped out at me.
I envy ya for that lol. The game has a suspense feel for me, but I got used to horror and more from movies and horror games like "Silent Hill" "Resident Evil" Games like Dead space sucked in lack of horror beyond, ill jump and scare ya! But indie games are making a comeback in horror. Decay is the best example on old Puzzle based horror games! And the smarter and analytical you are, the better satisfaction you get from solving a puzzle on your own. And that thrill is hard for me to enjoy again. Getting scared and freaked shows you are surprised, and the fact your that deep in it, shoes you appreciate the game and the creativity that bore it. Which not many can appreciate.
Well as long as the game isn't absolutely horrid, bad controls/music (game music is huge for me) then I get into it. I'm not really analytical, I never look into small details and I don't judge things until I'm completely done with them. I've never been able to pick apart failures and such in movies or games. I think my mind is rather childlike when it comes to my visuals, I just take it all in and when people say "Oh did you see that little glitch there in the corner" I never know what they are talking about, I'm too focused on the overall feel, the character and the music thats playing to set the mood.
That analyzing the details lol. Glitches sure add to it, but the feel and music and characters your paying attention to, that's analyzing the details. Not looking for a spot where the map vanished lol! The world your diving into is all that should be viewed. And whatever else in it that drives your interests.
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